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faerie_ruins's Journal

The dangers of the combined mind
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**excuse the mess will be cleaned up asap, community was just created and both mods are sick at the moment so bear with us dollies ♥**

♥ Rules ♥

No spamming, spam and be banned, and also beaten.. and poked with a sharp stick.. repeatedly
No Bitching (at each other)
Mods rule is mods rule, post is deleted its usually for a reason, eg. offensive, topic been convered before, spamming etc..
Anything welcome as long as its not utterly offensive, or disgusting.
Post anything you want. Pics, lyrics, rants, reviews, thoughts, anything is welcome.

Topics you dont debate with us:
-the sky is green and purple, which are also the best colours ever.
-trent eats icecream with us

Welcome to our world.. come join us..

Pimp to get posting access.

pimp and be promoted... Pimp some more and get promoted some more! Its that simple! With promotion comes reward.
five people join on your recommendation and you get employee and ten join and you get Royalty.

Sister community namelesspixels go join... do it!

Lovely Mods: darkgreenfaerie